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    The cheapest way to deal with thatch problems in your lawn is to buy a dethatching blade attachment for your lawn mower. A thatching blade can help you get rid of that in your quickly and effectively.

    The thatch layer in your lawn is composed of moss, dead grass or other unwanted organic mater which inhibits your grasses healthy growth. The prevent excessive thatch buildup it is a good idea to dethatch your lawn every year.

    The two best times of the year to thatch your thatching is during the spring and the fall. You want to make sure the lawn is not too wet or mushy. After thatching, it is usually a good time to over seed any sparse areas of your lawn. In addition, you probably should fertilize your lawn as well for a faster recovery. Most lawns recover in 2 to 3 weeks.

    How to Use a Dethatching Blade?

    dethatching bladesBefore dethatching, it is a good idea to mow the lawn fairly short. Dethatching blades work best on flat lawns. A dethatcher blade replaces or attaches to the existing blades of your lawn mower. To use the dethatching blade, you are going to need to have the lawn mower down to one of its lower settings. It is a good idea to test a smaller area first and then adjust the height if needed. Ideally, the dethatcher blade should only scrap the surface of the soil. If it is to deep, it can damage the grass and if it is to shallow, it will be ineffective. When buying thatching blade, it is important to get one that is good quality. Make sure the lawn mower thatching blade is securely attached to your mower so that it will work properly and not damage your mower. You will need to go over the lawn at least twice or at least until you stop pulling thatch out of your lawn

    Why is Thatching Important?

    Thatch build up in your lawn over time can cause a lot of problems. Not only can it keep the healthy grass from growing because it blocks out air and sunlight, but it can also make the lawn more susceptible to lawn diseases and fungus's. In addition, the thatch layer can become the home to predatory insect that eat your lawn and make it a lot harder to get rid of them. If you have problems with thatch build up in your lawn, dethatching your lawn is a good way to prevent problems from thatch.

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