• How Much Does it Cost to Seed a Lawn?

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    How musch does it cost to seed a lawn?If you are planning to seed a lawn, you probably are wondering how much is it going to cost you. Well, the cost can vary depending on which method you use to over seed your lawn. Most experts recommend that you seed your lawn at least once every four years. It will help to thicken your turf and give you the best match possible for your grass.

    The most basic method – This method costs around $65 to $100 depending on the size of your lawn. The most basic and easiest way to over seed your lawn is to rent an aerator and go over your whole lawn 4-5 times. Then using a rotary spreader or a hand spreader, spread about 5 pounds of grass seed over every thousand square feet of lawn that you have. The price varies because you need more grass seed when you have a larger lawn. This is a pretty easy way to seed. Just make sure you do it during a time of year where it is raining every day, or else water your lawn at least once a day.

    The intermediate method– the intermediate method involves using a power rake and an aerator. The first thing that you will want to do is to power rake your lawn and get rid of all the dead grass in it. I call it dead grass, but it is probably mostly rhizomes and stolons and moss that you need to get out of your lawn. Just make sure you rake it all up. After that, aerate your lawn.

    Make sure to get as many holes in there as much as you can. (It’s okay to go over it several times.) Then, you want to apply seed to your entire lawn using a rotary spreader or a hand spreader. The last thing that you want to do is to apply a bit of starter fertilizer just to help your new seed get established and start growing. The total cost for this method is between $150 and $175, but you can probably hire someone to do it for around $250 if they already own the equipment. This is what I charged when I did an averaged size lawn of around 2,500 ft.².

    How to reseed a lawnThe advanced method– this method is a lot like the intermediate method. It starts out with power raking and aerating the entire lawn. Then after you break everything up, you are going to apply grass seed and starter fertilizer. At the end, you are going to add a top-dressing to your lawn. If you are using topsoil, you’re going to want to do about 1/4 inch to one-third of an inch across your whole lawn. If you are using peat moss, you can add a little extra. The top-dressing helps to improve the soil germination rate. It works great to help your lawn to have new growth. It also keeps the seed moist so that the seeds can grow better, and keep them from getting eaten by birds. The real cost of this method is around $250 if you do it yourself. When I do it, I would generally charge about $170 per thousand square feet. With an average lawn size of 2,500 ft.², this would mean that it will cost around $400. The total time that it takes to do this project is about 4-5 hours.

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