• Thatching Machine vs Lawn Mower Thatching Blade

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    thatching bladeThen major advantage of using a thatching blade on a lawn mower is it costs a less than renting a thatching machine and it is more convenient.

    Blade attachments only cost about $20 dollars vs renting a thatching machine that costs $35 to $60. Plus you can usually use the same blade multiple times on your lawn. (Reasons to get a dethatcher rental)

    How to use a Thatching Blade

    Before using a mower attachment you need to mow the lawn very short. Be very careful you to not scalp the lawn in the process. Lawns take a lot longer to recover when they are cut too short.  Plus having the grass cut extra short, makes it more susceptible to weeds.  With a mower thatching blade, your lawn will recover in 3-4 weeks.

    Go over the lawn 2 or 3 times until all the thatch is removed.  Be very careful if the ground in your back yard in uneven.   Then rake up all the thatch and dispose of it.

    Thatching Machine vs. Lawn Mower Thatching Blade

    Mower blades are never as thorough. A thatching machine has about 120 rotating blades vs a mower attachment which only has two to six.

    Lawn thatching with a dethatcher is faster. (if you don’t include the time it take to rent it and return it. It only takes about 30 minutes to thatch a lawn with machine (plus about 1 hour to do clean up) In addition, you can normally go over the lawn twice before you rake every thing up which saves you even more time.

    The angle of the blades on a thatching machine make it a lot less likely to pull the grass plant out of your lawn. This is because the blades actually pull the thatch out of the lawn rather than just tearing it out. The dethatching machine blades ad designed to beat the surface and then pull away. Another benefit is that a thatching machine has a bigger engine and a lot more power then a lot of lawn mowers. This makes it more capable of handing tougher jobs. (Another alternative is to use a thatch rake or dethatching rake.)

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