• Adding Those Special Touches to the Garden

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    Adding those special touches to the garden

    Your garden can be anything from a chore to a retreat. It all depends on whether
    you enjoy gardening. If you do, enjoy your garden, there are several ways
    to add accents and decorations that will make your garden even more special.

    Once you have your garden established and all the hard work is out-of-the-way, the next thing you

    need is accent lighting. This is definitely not a means to make your garden look like an airport landing
    strip. Choose one or two key areas in your garden that can benefit from a spotlight. For instance, if
    you have a tall tree, add a floodlight up in the canopy to shine down through the branches, or you
    could even put one on the ground shining up onto the trunk and branches. It can make a real nighttime
    showpiece of your tree.

    You can also direct lighting to any architectural features in the garden. Perhaps you have a lovely patio
    or walk – accent lighting can make this area stand out at night, adding enjoyment to your space
    and it will keep you from falling off in the dark!

    A water feature can add untold enjoyment to your garden. The variety available here is almost
    overwhelming. You can start with an attractive bird bath and then use an accent light to illuminate
    it. If you are more adventurous, you could even add a koi pond into your garden. Waterfalls
    are nice, too, especially if you have noise from nearby traffic. The white noise from the waterfall
    will help to drown out the traffic, and create a soothing atmosphere. It’s also beautiful to look at.

    Statues are an attractive addition to your garden. Big or small, statues can create a resting spot for
    the eyes, a centerpiece,  from which the entire garden can unfold. Large, life-sized statues,
    such as angels or saints, can be striking and eye catching. You can choose to have the life-sized statue
    stand out, surrounded by under-plantings, or nestled comfortably under a canopy of trees, with cool,
    green shrubbery as a backdrop.

    If you select small statue, you can place it provocatively beneath or behind shrubbery or flowering
    bushes. A garden gnome peeking out from beneath a large smoke bush can surprise the eye. A section
    of the garden with decorative, flowing grassesare a great place for a small Buddha statue, enforcing
    the peace of the movement.

    What good is a garden that you can’t enjoy? Add a bench in a fragrant, shady area of the garden. The
    bench is an architectural addition as well as a convenience. Anything from concrete to teak wood
    will give a sanctuary, where you can enjoy the fruits of your labors.

    Believe it or not, a screen may be just the thing your garden needs. That blank area of fence,
    where nothing will grow may look better with a wooden-framed room divider in the spot.
    Or, perhaps your screen could be an old wrought-iron headboard, or an antique wooden door.

    Whether you choose lighting, a water feature, statuary, benches, screens , or a combination of these,
    decorations for your garden can personalize it and make it inviting.

    So if your garden needs an overhaul get a professional to fix it for you, Then you can get to the
    exciting part, the decorations!

    Josh has a great passion for writing, he is working for a company that works in garden care and
    enjoys making time for gardening.

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