• Aerating Your Lawn Is Good for the Environment

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    Did you know that aeration is good for the environment?

    There are many reasons why aerating is good for the environment, but some of the best reasons are as follows:

    environment aerationAerating your lawn with a lawn aerator helps your lawn stay green with less water.    This is because the roots of an aerated lawn are more developed and go further down into the soil. Also, water has an easier time penetrating through the surface of the soil because of the holes that exist. Using less water is better for the environment, but more importantly, it is a lot of money to have to pay on your water bill. There are even a lot of companies that will give you a $25 mail-in rebate just for aerating your lawn. In addition, it also helps protect your roots from being damaged by or excessively hot temperatures.

    Lawn Aeration also helps strengthen your roots and allows your plants to grow more vigorously so they can produce more oxygen. It only takes 600 sq. feet of lawn to produce enough oxygen for a family of four. This is something that some environmentalists and extremists don’t want to tell you. They don’t want you to know that having a healthy lawn around your house, more than compensates for the environmental impact of having a family. A lot of these environmentalists, like the ones in Portland, lobby for building houses on smaller and smaller lots. They are not taking into consideration that having a large lot, or a large amount of grass, is actually way better for the environment, then having less land.

    Having a healthy lawn around your house really does help out the environment. Lawns absorb several million tons of pollution a year. If you can keep your lawn green and healthy, it is producing oxygen all year around (and absorbing carbon dioxide ). The greener and healthier your lawn looks, the more oxygen and will be able to produce. When you aerate it, you only encourage it to grow better.

    benefits of lawn aerationThe fourth reason aerating is good for the environment, is it creates lots of plugs  you can leave on your lawn. These plugs breakdown into a type of natural fertilizer, that can help out your lawn. A lot and skipping companies say that aerating your lawn, does the same thing as roadkill and, in that it circulates your soil to rejuvenate it and allow more air into it.  Aerating your lawn not only acts as a fertilizer, but you can also add fertilizer at the same time, and dramatically increased the growth of your lawn.

    The only environmental downside about aerating, is that it uses a bit of gas, but gas is just converted into water and carbon dioxide which is absorbed very easily by plants.

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