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    Aerator ShoesAeration shoes have 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch spikes on the bottom. Aerator shoes are easy to use and have universal straps that fit with almost any shoe size. If you spend a frequent amount of time in your law, they should work great! Easily side them on when you mow or fertilizer your lawn. Aeration shoes work best when you use them often on your lawn.

    They make small holes that allow water, air and nutrients direct access to root system. Mechanical aeration may last longer, but this is an affordable and comfortable way to aerate your lawn. The purpose of aerating is so the soil becomes less compacted.  It allows the grass and roots to develop. Root development causes longer lasting change and will then naturally soften and break down harder soils.

    Aeration shoes are now available for only a fraction of what it would cost you to aerate your lawn. Feel free to use these shoes as often as you would like to aerate your lawn. To learn more about the seven different ways lawn aeration benefits your lawn, visit our home page.

    You can buy either lawn aeration shoes or hand aerators. For the most part, hand aerators tend to go deeper and do a better job. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time walking on your lawn then the spike shoes will also help out your lawn. Many people where there aeration sandals when they mow their lawn and this allows them to kill to birds with one stone. The products sold here have been tested and reviewed by customers. Typically the aerator shoes that are slightly more expensive tend to get the best product reviews.

    Our site will take you to a few different wholesalers. We also carry aerating hand tools if you are interested. Some of these wholesalers offer free shipping.

    Our Online Store is Safe and Secure. 3 day shipping on most aerator shoes and aeration sandals. We beat most other internet store prices by 10-15%. Order today to get the best choice!

    Aerator shoes are easy and convenient to use. When you are out gardening or mowing your lawn you can put them on before you know it you can have your lawn aerated. Another advantage is that these shoes allow you to have better traction on wet of hilly grass surfaces. It is also important to note the theses turf sandals or aerating shoes should only be worn when you are on the soil. Otherwise the sharp metal spikes on the bottom can quickly wear out.

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