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    Are you looking for a Lawn Aerator Rental?

    aerator rentalFrom my experience aerating over 7,000 yards, I know aerator rentals are almost indestructible, but if you hit a tree root, the machine could jump up six inches and hit you in the chin so you need to be careful. Unless you are reckless or extremely unlucky, you don’t need insurance when you rent one. Try and mark tree roots and sprinkler heads before you start.

    The national branded rental franchises that carry lawn aerator rentals are United Rentals, Sunbelt, Ace and Home depot. If you can find a smaller, local company, it will probably save you about $10 on your aerator rental. We do not recommend insurance on aerator the machine (unless it cover fences and houses) because most lawn aerators are fairly indestructible. (except Bluebirds, they fall apart) If you want to pay for the insurance, it will add about $6-$10 to your bill. Most aerators for rent are very hard to break and will last a long time if taken care of.

    Lawn Aerator Rental Tips

    aerator rentalsLawn Aerator rentals typically are $45 for 2 to 4 hours or $110 dollars for the day. Aerator rental costs can vary slightly from state to state. When you start the aerator, you want to start slow and do the edges first.

    The Bluebird machines are easier to use, but don’t plug as deep as the Billy goat aerators. My favorite type of lawn aerator rental is a Ryan Aerator by Jacobson because it is easy to maneuver even if you have a hilly lawn. Sunbelt and Ace, are rental companies that rent the Ryan IV Lawn Aerators. I believe Home depot only rents  Billy goats and Bluebirds. United Rental also rents bluebird aerators.

    To get the best price on a rental aerator you may need to call a few companies. Small, non franchised rental companies will typically rent older units but rent them for cheaper.

    If you are looking to rent aerators locally, a good idea is to use Google maps or online local yellow pages to find a local aerator rental dealer in your area.

    How much does it Cost to Rent an Aerator?

    You can save money on the cost of getting a lawn aerator rental if you split the cost with a friend or a neighbor. Aerator rental costs average $40 to$ 50 dollars for a 2-4 hour period. For a full day they cost between $90 and $150 dollars. Some just get a local company to do it for between $35 and $75 and avoid renting an aerator altogether.

    Typically small rental shops will rent an aerator for less than a nationally owned franchise. The advantage of a nationally owned rental shop (listed below) is that they may have newer equipment available. The best aerators to use are Ryan or Clausen and if you have a flat lawn, a Billy Goat aerator. they have an adjustable speed lever and are easy to control. Bluebirds work only if your soil isn’t already hard . (Bluebird aerators are the most common because they are the cheapest major commercial brand), Billy Goat aerators will last forever but they are very heavy and difficult to maneuver on hills. To find out more about when to aerate lawn or about the benefits it will bring to your lawn feel free to visit our homepage.


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