• Major Benefits of Core Aerators on Lawns

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    Benefits of core aerationAlthough there are many types of lawn aerators, but the best ones have coring tines. Below are five reason why these types of aerators are better than any other type of aerator on the market:

    A core lawn aerator has hollow tines. As it removes cores out of the lawn, giving the soil more room for expansion. This is essential to building healthy turf. Compacted soils have compacted root systems. The minute it stops raining, these grasses can turn yellow and go dormant. In the summer, clay soil can expand without drastically hardening the surface of the soil.

    Core aerators go deep. The most effect lawn aerators go 2 to 3 inches deep. This allows air, water and nutrient access to the root system directly.

    Holes hold water. When you water your lawn after aerating you will notice water soaking in rather than running off. The holes hold the water. They also allow it to soak in 1 to 2 inches below the surface of the soil. This makes your watering more effective, but it allows promotes deeper root growth.

    Core aerators work faster the chemical aerators and are longer lasting than spike aerators. More most lawns I think spike aerators are a waste of money. The effectiveness of a liquid aerator increases when coupled with mechanical core aeration

    Core aerators are sturdy and will typically last a long time.

    The hand aerators are used with smaller jobs (under 500 sq ft). Aeration machines are used with the bigger lawns. You can typically rent one for around $50 or higher someone to do it for you for around that price.

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