• Clover Seeds For Your Lawn, Garden or Farm?

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    clover seedThe clover seed is one of the most beneficial plants in the world!  Surprisingly,  most people don’t know much about it. Clover can help your lawn by creating nitrogen naturally.  It can also be used in crop rotation. In addition many varieties of clover seeds turn into very beautiful plants and grown in and around your home.

    Clover is often planted in field and around homes in new construction to prevent erosion over the winter. Clover is a very hardy and durable plat. Another advantage of clover is that it takes the nitrogen from the air and turns it into usable soil nitrogen. Farmers love this feature, because it adds nutrients to the soil rather than depleting it. In addition, farmer you clover as a rotation crop and can often add it to animal feed. (My chickens love it.) Home owners love it, because having clover in you lawn provides 30 to 40% of the nitrogen your lawn needs.

    Clover seed is used to grow clover. Clover is also one of the favorite flowers used to make honey. Bees turn clover nectar into delicious tasty organic honey. Having clover in your garden will encourage bees to come there and help pollinate your other plants. For the most part clover prefers to grow at milder temperatures. It warmer areas of the United States, clover grows over the winter. In cooler climates, such as the west coast, clover grow year round.

    clover seedsClover as ornamental is not only beautiful, but very helpful in preventing erosion. White clover for instance is quick-growing and only reaches a height of 4-8 inches. This means it is easy to keep up and can keep other weeds out. In addition it is very hardy. Because clover produces it own nitrogen, it can often grow in areas that would otherwise be considered barren. Clover grows well in both clay and sandy soil and will thrive in areas where other plants wouldn’t even be able to grow.

    Clover grows well in grasses. When clover seeds are mixed with grasses, it not only does it add nitrogen to the soil, but it also helps new lawns get established. In addition, regular mowing does not get rid of your clover, because it is a hardy plant that can grow at the same height as your grass. There are several varieties of clover to choose from.

    Dutch White Clover – White clover seed is a cool seal perennial often planted with grass seed. It grows fast and helps new lawn get established. It can also be grown on its own. This white clover seed can help fit erosion and grows very well in barren areas like around construction sites. It is practical, durable and affordable, and a good addition to most homes and gardens.

    Red Clover Seed – This type of clover seed is well adapted to many different climates. It grow vigorous in good soils but can typical adapt well to a variety of soil conditions and climates. This clover is a hardy plant that is resistant to most insects and pests. This plant grows best when it is watered regularly. When used by farmers, this type of clover has nearly the highest yield. It is known as red clover because of the beautiful red flowers it produces.

    Crimson Clover is a winter annual with beautiful crimson flowers. It is also often used and forage for animals and is high in nutrients if it is harvested before it blooms. Clover is also tolerant of mildly acidic soils and grow well in temperate climates, especially of the winter.

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