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    You have a secret weapon for improving your lawn and saving money. Lawn aerating helps your lawn breathe and be healthy by providing oxygen and nutrients direct access to the root system. But that is only the tip of the iceberg! Aerating your lawn does a lot more-

    Aerating saves you money by reducing the amount you need to water. Many cities even offer you a rebate on your water bill the first time you aerate!

    Lawn aeration builds thicker turf. Water helps roots to penetrate tough soils and makes it easier for your roots to grow thicker and deeper.

    Using a lawn aerator improves your soil. Aerating helps in the same way that using a rototiller helps your garden. It loosens the dirt and circulates it. It adds a new layer of topsoil to your lawn if you don’t rake the plugs.

    Aerating eliminates thatch. Thatch grows along the surface when roots can’t penetrate the soil. Rhizomes and stolons (sideways growing roots) make up the thatch. Aerating encourages roots to grow down instead of growing sideways. When you aerate lawn, you allow aerobic bacteria to break down the dead grasses. If you have a lot of thatch, you should also consider using a dethatcher or a power rake

    Aeration Questions – Aerating Tips

    1) When to Aerate Lawn?
    2) How Do I Know if I Need Aeration?
    3) What Are The Different Types of Lawn Aerators?
    4) How do I Aerate Lawn?
    5) How to Get a Two Inch Plug when aerating your lawn?

    Questions on lawn aeration, lawn renovations, or lawn care? Ask the lawn experts for FREE. More then likely, you will find the answers to your questions on our site. If not, you can submit questions at the bottom of page and we will be glad to answer them (1-48 hr response time March 1st to October 15th) We Have Aerated and Thatched Over 7,000 Lawns, we are Your Online Source for Answers!

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    What is Lawn Aeration and When to Aerate Lawns?

    When you aerate lawn, you make holes in your yard that allow it to absorb more water, stimulate deeper root growth and reduce soil compaction. Lawn aeration is the process of using a mechanical, liquid, or hand lawn aerator to aerate your lawn. A lawn aerator also allows air and nutrients direct access to the root system. By removing cores from your lawn, it gives your soil room for expansion, this reduces stress on the roots and give you a nice looking lawn throughout the year.

    Lawn Aeration softens hard soil by allowing water to penetrate into it rather then just running off of the surface. As your roots grow deeper, you won’t need to water as often. This can save you money. It also allows your lawn to stay greener in the summer and winter. Clay soil expands when the weather gets warm (or cold) causing the soil to become compacted.

    In addition, there are a few different types of lawn services that go well with aeration, these include thatching, fertilization, over seeding and liming.


    Find Out About Lawn Aerators . . .

    Hand Aerators, Liquid Aeration, Pull or Tow Aerators,
    Aerator Rentals, Aerator Shoes
    Spike Aerators, Rolling Aerators, Plug Aerator


    Lawn Aerators We Recommend!

    Five Major Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

    Their are many benefits of core aeration
    Core Aeration keeps your lawn greener, reducing the cost of watering by:
    1) Improving drainage & reduce runoff
    2) Reducing soil compaction
    3) Controlling thatch development
    4) Reducing drought damage
    5) Allowing water, air, and nutrients direct access to the root system.

    How to aerate lawn and how often do I use an Lawn Aerator?

    Most experts recommend you should aerate lawns every 1-3 years. If you have hills, pets or active outdoor children you may even need it twice a year. The best time to fertilize and over seed is just after aerating your lawn. For new lawns, turf aeration is very important. Most developers scrape off the topsoil when they build a new home and it can take years before that soil can be naturally healthy again. The best way to make it healthy quickly is with a lawn core aerator. Also, in many areas new lawns tend to be installed on top of hard clay. A core lawn aerator can speed up the process of soil integration by encouraging roots and grass growth. If you have bad soil, you should do it at least once a year for the first five years you own a home. It is very effective to also fertilize and over seed right after aerating. After a lawn is established most experts still recommend that you aerate lawn once every three years.

    When to aerate my Lawn?

    When to aerate a lawn” and “how to aerate your lawn”, are two of the most common questions I get asked all the time. The correct answer to this question is that almost any time you preform lawn aeration it will have some positive effect and whether or not it will have a lot of benefit depends on a few of the following factors.

    Season. Most of the time certain areas have seasons that are best for lawn aerating. The Spring and the fall are usually the best times to aerate. If you live in an area that is still relatively warm in the winter, then the winter would also work. Summer aerating works best if your lawn is still very wet in the Spring. Summer if not the best time if your lawn has already turned hard.

    To get the best results when aerating your lawn, you want to use core aerator. This will allow you to pull plugs out of your lawn and a deeper water penetration. As the water sinks deeper into the soil, it should also encourage the roots to grow deeper. As the roots grow deeper, this will also thicken the turf and naturally break of the clays underneath the soil. Another reason why spring and early summer are great times to aerate, is because this is the time when the grasses are actively growing. This means that the root system is also growing and this will give you the maximum benefit.

    Another important factor is what are you planning to do after you aerate. Lawn aeration works well with over seeding and fertilizing, you want to time your lawn aeration so the you can also over seed or fertilize the lawn. Once again, spring is a great time to do this, but in some parts of the country summer, Fall and winter may also be could time to aerate.

    Temperatures need to be between 50 and 75 degrees when you are aerating your lawn. These temperatures are also ideal for over seeding with cool weather grass. Warmer grasses will do well up to 85 degrees. Planting seeds early is an advantage because you won’t need to water as much.

    The best time to aerate your lawn is usually in April or in late September. For Spring Aeration the optimal window is March to the end of June. In the Fall it is September to October.The ‘perfect time’ to aerate a lawn may change according to location. If the ground is to soft, it may not be a good time. If the ground is too hard it may need to be watered for about an hour before hand to obtain the best results with a lawn aerator. Those that are aerated on a regular basis may produced better plugs. Lawn aeration can be done using a lawn aerator machine, aerator shoes, liquid aeration, a tow behind aerator, or a hand aerator.
    Lawn care tips: Now that I have aerated my lawn, what’s next?

    Fertilizer, Seeding a lawn, and Iron for lawns, are highly recommended.

    Many fertilizer brands tell you how often to fertilize. (About 3-5 time per year). Most programs when followed tend to work very well. The very best time to fertilize is in the Spring and in the fall or when the grass is actively growing. The three main elements in fertilizer are Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K) and Phosphorous, These are comparable to Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen in humans. The three main elements are represented by the three numbers on the bag of fertilizer you buy in the store. Knowing this allows you to determine how strong the fertilizer is that you are using. Straight Urea has the numbers 46-0-0. This means it is very large in Nitrogen content, but lacks the 2 other essential nutrients. A good concentration for lawn fertilizer has 25-30 Nitrogen, 8-12 potassium and 6-10 phosphorous. (Weed and feed may not have any phosphorous because phosphorous strengthens weeds.) Remember the best time to fertilize is after you have used a lawn aerator to aerate your lawn!

    Questions on Aerating Lawn and Thatching? More than likely, your questions will be answered on this site but if you still have questions, feel to ask. We try and respond to you within 24hrs on M-F. We also appreciate them, because we can turn them into useful content for other searchers.


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