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    dethatching rakeWhich dethatching rakes will work best for you?  Thatching rakes are one of the best ways to get rid of harmful thatch build up or moss in your yard.   Thatching rakes can also remove moss from mulch beds and help pull clover out of your lawn. Thatching is done year round, but is mostly done in spring, in  fall, or in early summer.

    If thatch is left in your yard, it can choke your grass.  Dethatching rakes can carefully pull the thatch out of the lawn without harming the grass.When you have serious problems with moss, it is a good idea to apply lawn iron first and then use a dethatching rake to remove the dead moss.

    (My favorite rakes are the Ames true temper and the Corona Clipper rakes. These rakes may cost a little more but they are a far more superior value. )

    How to use a thatching rake? Simply place the blade on the surface of the soil, pull the rake towards you (with the sharp end in the going and the push it back and forth until you finish a small area and then move on to the next. Hand thatching is very important. Even people who plan on thatching with a machine should buy a rake because it allows them to clean the moss out of the edges, and redo tough patches. Thatching works best when the grass isn’t wet or too dry. In most cases, it will surprise you how much thatch you can take out of your yard and how well your dethatch rake will work.

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    Find out more about Lawn Thatch

    Your lawn needs dethatching if. . .

    . . . it has an unhealthy build up of unwanted grasses, pine needles, dead patches, bare spots or moss. De-thatching  is easily done with a thatching rake.

    Dethatching your lawn with a rake can rejuvenate.  It gets rid of moss, old grasses, or dead decaying materials. De-thatching eliminates the ‘thatch habitat’ for most harmful lawn insects and fungus’. Thatching away harmful lawn debris allows your lawn to breath and to get plenty of sunlight. In addition it can also make it a lot easier to over seed your lawn in the spring or the fall. Dethatching moss is especially needed in places where moss can take over lawns very quickly. Lawns can grow better once they have been thoroughly combed with a dethatching rake and thatch is removed.

    Another benefit of thatching your lawn with a dethatcher rake, it that it also scarifies the surface of the soil. This means that you are going to have a much easier time over seeding it after you thatch. It should take up to six weeks for your lawn to come in if you over seed in the early spring. Don’t over seed less than six weeks before the frost. If you are going to fertilize at the same time, it is probably best to use starter fertilizer, because it is a lot slower release.

    Different kinds of Thatching rakes

    This includes pull thatching rakes, tine rakes, and metal pronged thatcher rakes.

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