• How Do I Know If a Lawn Needs Aeration?

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    Six Tips to Know if You Lawn Needs Aeration

    do I need aerationIf you are wondering “should I aerate” or “do I need aeration” your questions are very important. If your lawn needs to be aerated it is a good idea to know. The following are six tell-tale signs that your lawn could greatly benefit from being aerated.

    1) If your lawn is yellow in some spots it usually means that these areas are not getting enough water. Aerating these areas will help increase moisture penetration down to a lower level and increase root development.

    2) If the water you put on your lawn runs off into the street without soaking into the lawn it is also a good indicator that aeration will help. Hilly lawns also tend to harden up faster. A good aeration should help the water to soak in.

    Should I aerate my lawn3) If the soil is dry or compacted it will also benefit by being aerated. Aerating the soil can allow moisture to soak in and break up hard clays.

    4) If the lawn has a lot of clay in it, it may need to be aerated. Clay soils expand in the summer when they get hot and contract in the winter. Aerating them before they get hot will allow the soils toexpand without contracting the delicate root system.

    5) If the Lawn is yellow, this usually means that the lawn is not getting even water. Aerating the lawn will allow water and moisture to have more direct access to the root system. Over time aerating will help the roots break through soils and create a thick and self- sustaining turf.

    6) Another good indicator that your lawn needs to be aerated, is if you haven’t aerated your lawn in quite a while. Most lawn experts recommend that you aerate you lawn at least once every 3 years. If the soil is compacted or has a lot of clay in it this may even need to be done more often.

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