• Garden Design for Beginners: 5 Simple Tips for Furnishing Your Garden

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    A garden is not only a place for having a piece of nature near your home, but can also act as an extension of the living area, if you take the time to furnish it in a way that makes it feel cozy, while remaining practical.

    Of course, that’s easier said than done – finding the perfect balance between a garden and the furniture requires a delicate touch and sense of style, but with some practice and good sense, anyone can make their garden feel very comfortable and personal.

    So here are some simple tips that can be very helpful in furnishing your garden:

    Use Vertical Space

    The first rule of any good design is to utilize all of the space available, and that includes vertical space, which is the one that is most often neglected and left empty.

    Most traditional gardens are mostly on the ground level, and that limits your options when you’re trying to find space for furniture. If you use shelves and hangers to place some of the plants in flower pots, you’ll have much more space available and it will create a more harmonious feel in the garden because everything won’t be on the same level.

    Consider Seating Requirements

    It’s also important to think about the practical side of furnishing your garden – after all, the main purpose of garden furniture is to create a space for family members and friends to gather and spend time comfortably, so you want to make sure there’s enough space for everyone to sit.

    Also, think about sitting functions for different activities – if possible, you should try and make your seating options compatible with a lounge, dining and even work settings.

    Make Lighting a Priority

    A well-lit garden is much more than just a few lamps placed in a few corners – it can become the highlight of your garden, acting not only as a light source but also as a beautiful decoration and enhancement of the garden.

    There are many different ways a lamps can be placed to form different lighting settings – hanging lamps combined with ground-level lamps can create a beautiful lounge setting, while varying the intensity of the light can quickly make the garden almost as light as on day time.

    Don’t Forget Shading and Rain Protection

    If you care about durability of your garden furniture, you should seriously consider taking the time to plan proper shading and rain protection solutions to shield it from at least some of the deteriorating effects of wind and precipitation.

    Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a clunky roof – for the best results, a combination of a small roof and a few well-placed trees or even umbrellas can act as great protection, without taking up too much space, and while still remaining flexible and complementing the garden.

    Utilize Multi-Purpose Furniture

    Having furniture that serves multiple purposes opens up a lot more opportunities for different outdoor settings, while at the same time keeping in check with the space restrictions and avoiding clutter. For instance, a good idea to think about are tables that can serve multiple purposes – shifting in size and height to quickly turn from a coffee table to a dining table, or even having storage possibilities, which allows it to act as a sideboard, if need be.

    There are many types of furniture that can be just as useful – chairs and benches can also serve more than one purpose and adapt to your everyday needs.

    Author Bio:

    This article is written and provided by Jeremy. He works with Seats Plus – a family owned & operated business that supplies quality outdoor seating and aluminium furniture for over a decade.


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