• How Does Aerating Develop Your Roots?

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    Not surprisingly,  one of the most neglected parts of your lawn are the roots. I am a lawn expert. I have had nine years of experience with lawn repair and aerating lawns.  I have also learned a lot about lawns by reading books and by having one. I know grassroots contain a lot of energy. This energy and nutrients will help sustain the lawn over the winter. It will also be used to help your grass grow vibrantly during the spring.  Many lawn experts recommend aerating and fertilizing in the Fall so your roots will be strong in the Spring.

    Your grassroots can easily be damaged by soil compaction. Too much traffic, or hot weather can compact your soil.  Compacted soils, make it very hard for roots to grow. Often this results in roots growing along the surface of the grass, creating a huge problem with thatch. This is true for soils containing a lot of clay. In the summer, clay soils dry out and they become very hard. By aerating your lawn in the spring, you can prevent compaction from occurring.

    Another problem grassroots often face are a lack of nutrients in the soil. New home developments are well-known for scraping off all the good topsoil.

    This can make it almost impossible for you to have a nice lawn. If you aerate and fertilizer lawn regularly, it helps develop a healthy turf. Healthy turf is much more resistant to temperature changes, insects, and drought.

    When you aerate your lawn, it makes it easier for grass to grow deep and to become thicker. When it rains, the holes created by aeration will fill up with water. The water is now absorbed 2 inches below your soil and not just on the surface. When the water goes deeper into the soil, the roots also grow deeper. Rapidly developing roots will give you thicker, healthier turf.

    In most states, aerating will do a lot to help improve the look and feel of your lawn. The two most popular times to aerate your lawn are in the fall and in the spring. You can have a healthier lawn, even when you spend less money watering, fertilizing, and on grub control, then your neighbor when you to aerate.


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