• How to Reseed a Lawn

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    How to reseed a lawnIf you are wondering how to reseed a lawn, there are essentially three or four different ways that you can do this. The first way that you can recede the lawn is pretty easy and cost-effective. This involves renting a lawn aerator and going over your lawn twice with that machine. Then, you want to take a hand spreader and spread seed over top of your lawn. This will help you to seed a lawn. This method works best with blogs that are only been repaired. If you are planning on replacing your lawn entirely, it is important that you prepare the soil before seeding.

    How to Increase Germination Rates for Your Grass Seed

    The most important thing you can do when you are learning how to reseed a lawn is learn how to increase the germination rate of your grass seed. Make sure that you water your lawn regularly. New grass needs to stay moist so that they can germinate properly. Make sure to keep your lawn wet and water it two or three times daily until your new lawn seed get the chance to grow. You can also increase the germination rate of your seeds if you apply peat moss. This will protect the seed from natural predators such as birds, and it can also help to keep it in place until it starts to grow. Peat Moss works great with cool weather grasses. When seeding with warm weather grasses, many times people use straw or grass clippings to help keep the grass seed moist. Also, you can increase the rate at which the seed germinates by adding a starter fertilizer when you put the seed down.

    How to replace a lawn

    Repairing your lawn with a Power RakeIf you are planning on replacing a lawn, you’re going to have to get rid of the existing grass or weeds before you start planting. You can do this by spraying Roundup on your lawn, and then using a power rake to get rid of anything that is going along the surface. If your soil is pretty bad, you may want to bring in a few inches of topsoil and level it before seeding. If your soil is pretty good, you can probably get away with just putting seed and a little of peat moss on top of the existing dirt.

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