• How to Schedule Fertilization for Your Lawn

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    How to Schedule Lawn Fertilization How to Schedule Lawn Fertilization

    Knowing how to schedule lawn fertilization is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Fertilizer can help your lawn out in many ways. First, it provides nutrients for your grass to grow healthily. It also helps it grow deeper roots deeper roots, and makes the healthy and more resistant to weeds. Basically, fertilization helps your lawn look its best.

    People should fertilize their lawn at least every other month during the time that is actively growing. You should never fertilize your lawn more than once every six weeks. Doing so can cause your lawn to be over fertilized. If you spill too much fertilizer in one place, the best way to get rid of it is to clean up the spill is much as possible. Then, water the area to dilute the effects of the fertilizer. This will keep your grass from burning.

    One of the best lawn treatment programs, recommends you fertilize your lawn 5-6 times throughout the year. The first time that you fertilize your lawn is in the early spring. Generally between 1 March in the middle of April is when you want to put fertilizer down for the first time.

    The second time that you put down fertilizer will be six to eight weeks later. If your lawn has a lot of weeds, you may want to use a weed and feed that will kill the weeds and fertilize your lawn as well. Then, you want to wait another six weeks before you fertilize your lawn again. This is referred to as the early summer fertilization. This takes place between the middle of May and the middle of June.

    The fourth time that you’re going to want to fertilize your lawn is right at the beginning of the fall. For cool weather grasses, you don’t really need to fertilize during July and August. During these months, the lawn tends to stop growing. If you have warm weather grasses, you can continue fertilizing during July and August. But you want to make sure to space your fertilization applications at least 6 to 8 weeks apart. Also, make sure that you continue mowing your lawn on a regular basis during this time frame.

    Fall FertilizationThere are two more fertilization’s in this program. The next one is  fall fertilization, and then winter fertilization. The fall fertilizer goes down near the end of September. The winter fertilizer goes down sometime during the last two weeks of November. Following this simple schedule will help you to know how to schedule fertilization for your lawn. Doing it yourself will save you hundreds of dollars every year, and won’t really take you very long to do.

    We have some very similar articles on our website the answer the questions of “when should I fertilize my lawn” and “what to do after lawn aeration”. These articles should help you out a lot with your lawn. Best luck!

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