• How to Aerate Lawn?

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    I love to aerate lawns.  I know from experience, how you aerate your lawn is very important. The best way to aerate lawn is by using a core aerator. You can use a hand coring aerator or a mechanical one.

    If you use a hand aerator, push it into the ground using your foot. You should get it to go into about two to three inches. Most lawns are easier to aerate if they get watered the night before. Avoid trying got aerate you lawn if it is too hard or too soft, because this will just be ineffective or else take a long time. Hand coring aerators work best for fixing problem spots in lawns with have an area less than 500 square ft.  For large areas, use a machine.

    How to aerate lawn with a mechanical aerator?

    The first step is to turn on the lawn aerator, make sure that the gas line is open and that the choke is on. Pull the start cord and then move the throttle from choke to run.

    With the tines up, move the aerator to the corner of your lawn where you wish to start. (Most aerators have a position where the tines are up and when then are in the ground.)  Lower the tines into the ground and start aerating at about half speed.

    When you are learning how to aerate your lawn, it is important that you aerate the edges of the lawn first. Then aerate the middle. When you are turning the aerator around to go back the other way, it is a good idea to take the tines out of the ground. After you have positioned it where you want to start aerating next, lower the tines back into the ground and continue aerating. With most lawns it is also a good idea to cover over the lawn twice.  This helps out a ton if you have compacted soil and you lawn is not getting enough water.

    When to Aerate a Lawn?

    Lawn aerators are most commonly rented during the Spring and the Fall. Lawn aerating is done from February to Thanksgiving, but it does depend a little on where you live and how cold it gets during the winter. The most common month for aerating your lawn in the Spring are March, April and May. The most common time in the Fall is in September and October. Fall aeration is a good idea is you have especially compacted soil or a lot of traffic on your lawn. It also helps new lawns become established faster. Once your lawn becomes established, it is a good idea to aerate your lawn every 1 to 3 years. (Learn more about when to aerate a lawn.)

    This page is also about lawn aeration and how to aerate your lawn. How to aerate lawn.


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