• How Does Aerating Help Keep Weeds out of Your Lawn?

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    aerating gets rid of weedsCan aerating your lawn on  keep the weeds out?  Actually, it really can.  When you aerate your lawn, you encourage your roots to grow deeper and your grass to grow thicker.  In addition, lawn aeration takes the stress off of your roots when the soil expands.   Thicker and healthier turf is more resistant to insects, and it is also one of your best defenses against weeds in lawn.

    Most weeds are very aggressive, and in order to grow, they look or weak spots in your lawn. When your lawn is unhealthy, weeds can find several places in which to grow. But when your lawn is healthy, the dense grass is also aggressive, and it will choke out weeds before they can even start growing. The best defense is a good offense. Make sure that your grass has everything that it needs so that it can be healthy and aggressive and keep weeds out of your lawn. If you do this, you won’t have to use weed killer for lawns very often.

    You can also keep weeds out of your lawn by making sure you mow your lawn regularly, without letting the grass get too high or too short. In addition, you want to make sure that you water on a regular basis, but do not over water your lawn. If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be able to make it very difficult for weeds to grow in your lawn.

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