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    hand aerator for lawnsHand aerators are simple and easy to use. They work great to aerate smaller lawns. Most people like to use hand aerator, because they are very affordable and convenient.  Often you can buy them for around $25 or less.  The best type have to coring prongs and are well built.

    Online Best Sellers

    Great Customer Reviews Online:

    Customer’s have said, “this really does what it is meant too.” and it “is light weight and durable” Handle and push mechanism works very effectively. It works the best when you water the lawn before using.

    Read 63 customer Reviews.

    Best Durable Core Aerator!

    Coring hand aerators are the most effective type of manual aerators. It has a strong handle and a base you can push into the ground using your feet. This yard butler has a sturdy design and it is also priced to sell quickly!

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    All-Steel Hand Aerator (Landscapers Choice!)

    As far as hand aerators go, this one is tough and built to last. One review stated, “this is much better than ones found at Home Depot.” and “The smaller diameter cores are just the right size to penetrate hard compacted soil and the side vents prevent clogging.”  I would have to agree that you don’t typically find this good of quality at a chain store!

    Made by Bully Tools

    Hand aerators for your lawn are available now used and new at wholesale prices!

    This hand aerators listed below are the ones I like the best. Feel free to check them out.

    It is important to not that most of the time push spike hand aerators work best to loosen harder soils. Rolling lawn aerators are easier to use but do not penetrate as deep into the soil. A good tip to loosen up the soil is to after aerating is to rake sand into the holes or add a light top-dressing of peat moss.

    Our Online Store is Safe and Secure. 3 day shipping on most hand aerators. Amazon typically offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Order quickly to take advantage of this offer. Prices on this site beat most other internet store prices by 10-15%. We sell out quickly. Order today to get the best selection!

    Benefits of aeration

    Aeration benefits my lawn by enabling air and water direct access to the root system. It also promotes deeper root growth by allowing water to go deeper. Aeration holes hold water in them which can soften hard soil and give clay soils more room for expansion. Aeration is especially beneficial to compact lawns or lawns with a lot of clay in them.  Below are some of the best hand coring aerators.



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