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    lawn aeration equipmentThere are many different types and categories of lawn aeration equipment you can use.

    The most common way people aerate a lawn is with a core aerator. People can do this either by using a hand core aerator or a mechanical one. The advantage of a hand aerator is that it is cheaper, and you will only aerate for the rest of your life once you buy it. The advantage of a hand or aerator, is that it will take you a lot longer to aerate your lawn specially you have a large lawn. A mechanical aerator, is gas-powered, and it also put holes in your lawn. It can do this much faster and more effectively than a hand aerator. Often, you can go over your lawn twice in 45 min.

    lawn aeration equipmentThe next class of lawn aeration equipment are spike aerators. I think spiked aerators are great, the biggest disadvantage to using them is that the goals do not last as long as those made by coring aerators. Spiked aerators, including rolling aerators, mechanical aerators, and hand aerators.

    The third class of lawn aeration equipment is liquid lawn aerators. I am not as familiar with these as I am with the others. I believe most liquid aerators are a soil amendment which helps to soften the soil. But the amount of amendment you have to put on and never have to aerate your lawn again is really high. In my opinion the best way to use a liquid aerator, is to use it with an aerator. After you have core aerate your lawn, you can apply the liquid aerator, and thus you can magnify the effects of both types of aeration.

    The purpose of  aeration is to have a thicker healthier turf. If you can develop a thicker turf, you can invite more organic material into your soil, and you can have grass that is self-sustaining. This will also lower your dependency on daily watering, and on fertilizers. Lawn aerating, is not only good for your lawn, but is also good for the environment. After all, one 600 square-foot patch of lawn creates enough oxygen or a family of four!

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