• Lawn Aerator : Spike, Plug, Liquid and Core Lawn Aerators

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    A Review of Different Lawn Aerators

    For the last eight years, I have been a lawn repair expert. I have aerated or thatched close to 7000 lawns. Below are some of the different types of aerators you can use, along with a review of each different type of lawn aerator.

    There are many different types of lawn aerators that you can use to aerate lawn. In my opinion, the best type of lawn aerator you can use is a core aerator. You can either buy a hand lawn aerator, or you can rent one. The advantage of buying a hand aerator, is that it will be cheaper, and you can do it several times. If you want to rent a lawn aerator, it will be easier, but you will have to rent one every year.

    Core Aerators

    lawn aerator1) Manual Coring Aerators – These are great hand aerators to use for aerating your lawn. The best ones you can use have to prongs, and are foot push. You can buy some of these that are really nice at our store for around $25. if you have a small lawn, or are only interested in. In your lawn once a year, these are good aerators to get. Before using them, please water your soil really well the day before, so that you can get the most penetration, and it will be easier to use.

    2) Gas Powered Coring Lawn Aerators – These are also known as coring or plug aerators. In my opinion, a gas-powered coring aerator is probably the easiest way that you can aerate your lawn. I prefer core aerators to Spike aerators because they have longer lasting plugs, and because they actually removed course from your lawn, they will give the top of the soil room to expand, as the clay in the soil heats up. Another advantage of using a machine is that it will only take you one half hour to aerate the average size lawn, and if you want to go over the lawn two times, it will only take you an extra 20 min.

    Spike Lawn Aerators

    1) Push Spike Aerators– a push by can aerator is like a hand coring aerator. Only instead of metal course, it has metal spikes. You use your hands, and one foot to push these into the ground. The benefit of using it, is that it does not ever get clogged up. The disadvantage is that it is not as long-lasting as using a core lawn aerator.

    Spiked Aerator Sandels2) Spike Aerator Shoes– I have a mixed opinion of these. Half of the reviews I have read on them are positive. They say that they are convenient and easy to use, and that you can just slide them on when you are going to move your lawn, and you can have it aerated at the same time. However, I am not so sure that little spikes are going to do much for your lawn. I don’t think that the holes will last more than a week, but I guess a lot of people will molder lawn every week anyway, and I really don’t think that they will do any harm to your lawn. So if you think they will work well for you, go ahead and try it out, they are relatively inexpensive and that is another plus

    3) Rolling Spike Aerators– rolling spike aerators are a good idea in theory, but I’m not sure how effective they are. In order for an aerator to be effective, it needs to penetrate minimum depth of 1 inch, 2 to 2 1/2 inches is even better. Also, want it to allow the water to get down to the root system. I am not sure that Spike aerators will do this very well unless they have thick spikes. So unless you have long thick spikes, I would not recommend using a rolling Spike aerator for your lawn.

    4) Spike Mowing Aerators – I think that Spike mowing wheels are an interesting idea. If you have a lawn that gets slippery when it is wet or it is on a steep hill, these mowing spikes will help your mower to keep from slipping. It is like your lawn mower is wearing cleats. However, the spikes on these mowers are so small, I doubt they of much use. But I think that they can only help your lawn.

    Liquid Aerators, Soil Amendments

    1) Liquid lawn aerator– there are three or four different types of liquid aerators on the market. To be honest I have not ever used a liquid aerators yet. But I know how they work. They use soil softeners, too soft and hard clay soils so that your route system Grow better. I think that the best way to use a liquid aerator is to apply it after you have aerated your lawn with a core aerator. Rather than replacing the need for core aeration, you only enhance the effects of aerating when you use a liquid soil aerator. With a liquid soil aerator for a core aerator, your end goal is the same, you want to have thick healthy church that can be self-sustaining after a few years.

    2) Soil Conditioners or softeners – a liquid aerator, contains soil softeners in it, another way to soften your lawn followed is to add gypsum to it after you go over it two times within aerator. This helps to break up hard clay and soften the soil. It is also fairly cheap. You want to use about 30 to 40 pounds of soil softener per thousand square feet of lawn you have.

    How does using an aerator help my lawn?

    Lawn aeration really helps out your yard a lot. First of all, aerating your lawn allows water, nutrients, and air direct access to the soil root system. By making holes in the lawn, it also allows the water to soak in 1 to 2 inches deeper than it would have if it had not been aerated. If you combine lawn aeration with reseeding, you can make even a sparse lawn look beautiful. Aerating will cut the amount of runoff from your lawn. This is because the water will actually soak into the soil. The third reason why people should aerate their lawns is to reduce the stress and soil compaction. As the roots grow deeper and develop more fully, this growth will reflect how well the grass grows above the soil.

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