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    What does Liquid Aeration do?

    liquid aerationAfter a long hard winter, your lawn’s root system is under a lot of stress. Liquid aeration helps your lawn to look it’s best in the Spring and Summer. Aerating loosens up and conditions the soil. Soil softeners used to aerate the soil actively work for a 2 to 3 month period. During this period, they promote permanent root development and naturally support organic activity. Loosening the soil allows air, water, and nutrients direct access to the roots system.

    These liquid aerators aerate the soil, breaking up clays and hard soils, but also condition the soil with humic acid. Humic acid help to break down harmful pesticides and herbicides in the soil. Loosening up the soil with a liquid aerator, also makes the soil conditions more hospitable to earth’s natural aerators, the earthworm.

    What you should know

    Lawn aeration is a long-term process that helps to build the turf. It may take 3-4 yearly of bi yearly applications to make sure the best results. Eventually, creating a healthy turf with require aeration less often. For very hard or clay soils, it works best to combine liquid aeration with mechanical aeration.

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    One proven liquid aerator brand is ‘Lazyman liquid soil aerator’. This liquid aeration compound loosens clays and hard soils naturally and effectively. It is made with a grade A soil penetrate, which penetrates even the toughest soils. It is safe for home use and environmentally friendly. To find out more about the benefits of lawn aeration please visit our homepage.

    Learn more about Lawn Aeration

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