• Using a Power Rake For Lawns

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    There are many different types of power rakes for lawns. If your lawn has a lot of thatch in it, it is a good idea to have it dethatched with a power rake dethatcher. Most of the time it is not cost effective to own your own power rake. For this reason, a lot of people rent them when they want to do the work themselves. You can also buy a hand power rake, also called a dethatching rake. This type of rake is good are removing thatch from small lawns or if you only get thatch build up in a small area.

    You power rake your lawn to get rid of thatch build up. The word ‘thatch’ is synonymous to the word ‘weeds’ when referring to a garden. Thatch refers to any unwanted material found in your lawn. This could include, but is not limited to clover, dead grasses, junk grasses, dead sod spots, mosses and pine needles. The beautiful part about uses a power rake dethatcher is that these machines are designed to come your lawn and get rid of all this unwanted material without killing your grass plants. Most lawns recover from lawn thatching is as little as 2 to 3 weeks. You can also use dethatching rakes to help you get rid of thatch.

    As far as power rakes for lawns go, the best power rake dethatcher you can buy is a Billy Goat. I have used the Ryan (Jacobson), the Bluebird, and the Billy Goat. The problem with the Ryan dethatcher is that is built for light duty thatching only. If you have severe moss build up, it will take several passes for you to get it out. The problem with the bluebird is that over time, it falls apart. The fail blades underneath are not reinforced and so the fail assembly fails after only one or two years. The advantage to the bluebird is that they are cheap. If you are buying a used one from a rental store, these are good investment. You can find them used for less than $300. The Billy Goat thatchers are built for heavy-duty thatch. The have thicker casing and steel reinforced fails. You can find these used for about $500. They are a little harder to find then the bluebird models. If you are going to buy used, I highly recommend that you buy them with a Honda engine. Honda engine have 2 to 3 times the life span of average engines.


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