• Prevent Thatch in Your Lawn with These 5 Awesome Tips!

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    thatch in lawnIf you want to have a thatch free lawn, there are 5 things you can do to prevent it. Preventing thatch is a good idea because if you have too much thatch in your lawn it can choke out the good grass and make your grass grow much slower.  If you can prevent it, you won’t have to power rake.


    The first tip  for how to prevent thatch in your lawn is to not plant vigorously growing grasses. Vigorously growing grasses include creeping grasses and rapidly growing ones like St. Augustine.   These grasses produce a high amount of fibrous tissue along the surface of the ground. Creeping grasses are are specifically designed for shade.  When they are planted in areas of your lawn and get a lot of sunlight, they often produce thatch. These types of grasses grow vigorously, and can quickly take over your lawn.

    Bent grasses a great gas have on the golf course, once it comes into your lawn it can create a lot of problems with thatch and turn your lawn yellow when you mow. When grass shoes out of a lot of rhizomes these also turn into thatch. Rhizomes have tissue that is tough and can also be yellow and ugly in your lawn. When you have that type of tissue you want to be able to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    The second thing, that you can do to reduce thatch  is minimize activities which compact the soil.  It helps out a ton if you aerate your lawn. This helps your roots to grow deeper and the roots of your grass will grow below the surface rather than on top how to prevent lawn thatchof it. Aerating your lawn can also allow more oxygen into the soil and this will help to break down the thatch layer. In addition, the plugs the aerator pulls out a lot will contain bacteria that can also help to decompose the thatch quicker.When you aerate your lawn you make it easier for the roots to grow down deeper into the soil and away from the surface. It also makes it easier for water to soak deeply into the soil.

    The third thing, that you can do is to water your lawn deeply, but not very often. Shallow and frequent irrigation cause thatch to develop along the surface. Frequent watering causes the roots of your grass to grow very shallow and close to the surface, making your lawn more unhealthy.

    Mowing Prevents thatchThe fourth thing, you can do this to fertilize your lawn on a regular basis, but be careful not to over fertilize. Over fertilization can cause thatch to develop very quickly. Fertilizing it on a regular basis can help the lawn to look green and healthy and can actually work to prevent you from having to do thatching.

    The fifth thing you can do is to mow your lawn frequently. You want to mow it before it becomes too tall. Once lawns become tall, they have a tendency to develop more thatch. In addition, some lawns such as those I have a lot of bang grass tend to develop more thatch when they are mowed too short. It is better to bore your lawn at a medium height, and mow it regularly.

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