• All About Pull Aerators and Finding Them

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    When should I Aerate using my Pull aerator?

    pull aeratorFor spring aeration the best time is from March to the end of June.  In the fall it is September to October. The very best months to aerate your lawn are in April or in late September. The ‘perfect time’ to aerate a lawn may change according to where you live. If the ground is to soft, it is not a good time. If the ground is too hard it will need watering for about an hour before hand to get the best results. Aerating your lawn on a regular basis, produces the best results. Most importantly, aerating with a pull behind aerator on a regular basis can act as a turf builder. Using pull aerators softens the soil, which helps roots grow larger, which in turn softens the soil. (allowing the roots to grow even more.)

    How does aerating with a pull aerator benefit my lawn?

    Aerating with a pull behind aerator keeps your lawn greener and reduces the cost of watering by:

    1) Improving drainage and reducing run off.

    2) Reducing soil compacting and increasing root development

    3) Reducing the chances of damage due to a drought.

    4) Helping to cut harmful thatch build up.

    5) Allowing air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system.

    6) Helps with fertilizing and over seeding.

    Why buy a pull behind aerator rather than rent?

    In the long run, buying a pull behind aerator is a lot less expensive than buying mechanical aerator. Pull behind range in price from $100 to $700 versus $2000 to $6000 for the other. Even if you choose to rent, aerators cost $80 to $110 dollars to rent for a single day. When buying a Pull aerator, it doesn’t take long for your savings to really add up. If you already have a tractor or riding lawn mower, they are a great way to upgrade the capabilities of you ring.

    Looking for a pull behind Aerator?

    We have 19 of the most competitively priced pull aerators you will find online. Start at only $108. Make sure to take a look at them all and compare shipping costs as well as the sales price to decide which overall is the best deal when you buy. Product recommendations are available on most of the pull aerators. We have worked hard to bring you the largest selection of pull aerators under one “roof”. Our reputable amazon partner will ship you the product and payment/product delivery when you use pay-pal.  Products ship within 3-5 day if not sooner!

    How do I use a Pull aerator?

    Steps to use a Pull behind Aerator are as follows:

    1) Attach a pull aerator to tractor or riding lawnmower or push mower

    2) Fill aerator with weight. Pull Aerators are made heavier either by adding a lead weight, water or sand.

    3) Test Pull aerator to make sure it is going to desired depth.

    4) Aerate lawn

    5) Clean out tines using water, (make sure to dislodge dirt and small rocks)

    Advantages/disadvantages of using a pull behind lawn aerator?

    The major advantage of a pull aerator is that they are typically wider than most other kinds of aerators and can get the job done fast. Because they are wider they are a little harder to maneuver. Another advantage is they are cheaper to buy than most other rolling aerators. Lastly they are very versatile. You can often aerate and over seed or fertilize at the same time.


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