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    roiling lawn aeratorRolling aerators give you the easiest way to  aerate your lawn and new features make them easier to use. These promote root growth by breaking up the soil and roots better than other aerators, leading to more new root growth and more readily available water, oxygen and nutrients for those new roots. Recent improvements not only do a better job aerating but also make it simpler, so it’s easier for anyone to aerate their own lawn. In general look for aerators that are easy-to-use, require minimal maintenance and will withstand the wear and tear of continued use.

    Six kinds of Rolling Aerators

    Manual aerators allow you to aerate your lawn yourself. They are light-weight and easier to maneuver in small areas such as corners. Still, it takes a lot of time and a lot of work to aerate a large lawn this way.  Rolling walk-behind and towing aerators are some of the fastest rolling lawn aerators.

    Walk-behind aerators go over the lawn like a lawn mower. Since the machine does the work of pushing tines into the ground, they are much easier and faster to use than manual ones. Self-propelled models need even less effort and do a more effective job than lighter-weight machines. The easiest ones to use are like lawn mowers. Many of these maneuver easily around corners or obstacles so they are easier to use. Some even have the added feature of a power lifts that eliminates having to manually lift the machine out of the ground at all. Stand-on aerators offer the added benefit of being able to stand-on them as they work and not walk behind them the entire time.

    New tine designs make some aerators very easy to use. Aerators with free-wheeling outside tines and fixed center tines make turning easier and reduce lawn damage. Split-tines, where half the tines are controlled by one hand controller and the other half by the other hand, allow the machine to turn with the tines still in the ground.

    A tow-behind aerator attaches to a tractor or riding lawnmower, which means no frequent lifting or pushing and pulling manually. They are a bit tricky to maneuver, but because they are wider, they get a larger job done in a faster amount of time. It is easy to add weight to these types of aerators, increasing their ability to get deep into the dirt of heavily compacted or problem areas. They are great for a large lawn, especially if you already own a tractor or lawnmower to tow them with.

    Since aerators can vary in price from a hundred dollars to several thousand, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best prices on the type of aerator you want, considering quality and durability. You may want to rent kinds before you buy one to make sure you find a good one.

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