• How do Spike Aerators Work?

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    Spike aerators work by punching holes or spikes into the lawn. This allows air and water to have direct access to the root system. Overtime, this kind of lawn aeration can help a great deal. Advantages of Spike Aerators vs other type of Aerators is that they are affordable, convenient to store, and simple to use. Because spike hole are smaller than coring wholes, it may be necessary to aerate the lawn more often when using aerator Spikes.

    Six kinds of Spike Aerators

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    The kinds of spike aerators are as unique as they are diverse. Spike aerators range in price from $10 to over $500. Hopefully as we explain each type of spike aerator, you will find one that will suite your needs the best. The 6 different types include, spike aerator shoes, hand push spike aerators, tow spike aerators, Spike hand aerators, mowing wheel with spikes, and Drum rolling spiked aerators.

    spike aerator1. Spike Aerator Shoes

    These cost between $10 and $50. They are on the cheaper end of the scale. They usually have smaller spikes and customer satisfaction with this product is all over the map. If you mow your own lawn, you can slip them on when you mow. They could also be useful if you spend a lot of time gardening. If you don’t more you own lawn or you want quick instant result, we would recommend you use something else.

    2. Spike Hand aerators

    These units have long spikes on the end and you push then into the ground using your hand and your foot. The best advantage to these aerators is that they deep penetration. The disadvantage is it may take a while to aerate a large lawn. They sell for $25 to $40 with free shipping on this site!

    3. Push Spike Aerator

    These aerators have rotating star-shaped tines that run along the surface of the ground. These units are inexpensive and quick to use, but if the soil in compacted, they really don’t sink in well. The best push aerators are made heavier by adding water or sand. They typically range in price from $50 to $150.

    spiked aerator4. Spiked towing Aerator

    These range in price between $120 and $500. They can cover large areas and when pulled behind a tractor or riding lawn mower, they are one of the fastest ways to aerate your lawn. If you want an upper end unit, I would urge you to use a tow behind aerator and not a spiked one. These tow behinds are a great investment and dramatically cut you water bill.

    5. Mowing Wheel with Spikes

    This is a very convenient way to aerate your lawn. We recommend these if you often lose control of your mower on wet slippery slopes. These sell for $150 to $200. My biggest problem with these is the limited area they cover while mowing and the tiny spikes on the tires. For the cost, these don’t deliver!

    6. Drum Rolling Spike Aerator

    These range from $20 to $400. You need to make sure it is heavy enough to get the job done. We suggest you use one with a solid metal drum or a drum that are filled with water or sand.

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