• Safety Guidelines for your Stump Grinder Rental

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    Using a stump grinder rental is a cheaper alternative to having a professional service remove your stumps, but there are some important safety issues you must be aware of.

    stump grinder rentalA tree stump grinder rental is a large, tractor-like machine that uses a steel-studded disc to chip away at the stump. The disc is on a hydraulic lever which is moved up and down and swung from side to side to make it easy to remove the stump. The chipping process sends flying debris into the air, so the operator dons the right safety attire. This includes a safety helmet, hearing protection, eye protection, sturdy protective footwear, gloves and well-fitting clothing. To protect others from the debris, make sure that no one is within 25 feet of the machine before you begin. Position the grinder so that debris will be least likely to affect vehicles, windows and other property.

    Rent a stump grinderBefore starting the grinder, remove any rocks or large debris from the area. Rocks can dull the steel teeth and can cause skipping. Each time you start the grinder, check the brakes and controls. Also make sure that the guards and shields are in place. Position yourself at the controls at all times during the operating process. As you grind through the stump, be careful not to dig into the earth itself. Also, make sure that you dig at least 4 inches below the surface of the ground. Depending on the size of your stump, you may need to periodically clear away wood chips to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

    A stump grinder rental is cheaper than hiring a professional service, especially if you have several stumps to remove. And although the actual operation of the stump grinder is fairly simple.  Following these safety tips is important to keep you, your property, and others safe.

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    1. Madeleine
      March 13, 2015 at 6:06 am

      Hi thanks for your information! Wish I had known all this years ago… my lawn would be so much better!
      I will aerate then overseed but how do i get the peat moss down evenly? And how do i get rid of moles and all the tons of damage to my lawn. It is very uneven because of hills and holes etc.
      PS i have a very big yard 🙁

      Thank you

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