• Ten Amazing Benefits of Lawn Aeration

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    how to aerate a lawnThere are many different ways to aerate  a lawn. With so many methods to choose from, there is really no excuse why you can’t find a method that would best fit your needs. But why do we need to aerate anyway? Let us backtrack a bit and remind ourselves why we need to do lawn aeration in the first place.

    Aerating your lawn doesn’t just make your grass green and healthy. There is really more to it than just making a lawn healthy. In fact, I can think of more than fifty lawn aeration benefits. In this post, I will mention the most important benefits of lawn aeration.

    1. Makes your lawn breathe.  By creating holes deep within your lawn, you are freeing up space for your grass to breathe. This space also gives room for new grass to grow.

    2. Lessens soil compaction. Soil tends to harden and compact over time. Compaction blocks water and nutrients from getting deep within the soil to the roots of your grass. By aerating your lawn, soil compaction is reduced.

    3. Promotes absorption of air, water and nutrients from fertilizers. By removing plugs of soil out of your lawn, you are allowing air, water and nutrients to get deep into  the roots of your grass where absorption of water and nutrients take place. You are aiding your lawn to have easy access of what they need to grow strong and healthy.

    4. Prevents water runoff. Instead of water pooling and running off the lawn surface, water can easily be absorbed by your lawn if you aerate it regularly.

    5. Aeration saves water. With water easily being fully absorbed instead of creating puddles on the lawn surface, you are reducing your lawn’s water requirements. You can save as much as 50% of your water consumption when you regularly aerate lawns.

    aerate lawn6. Breaks down thatch. Thatch is a thick layer of soil, dead grass clippings and other organic materials that build up on the lawn’s surface. If thatch is allowed to accumulate, this could really choke your grass, making it hard for your grass to breathe. Lawn aeration effectively breaks down thatch.

    7. Improves your lawn’s resistance against extreme elements such as severe heat and  drought. Even during the hottest months, your lawn can stay healthy and able to withstand stress.

    8.  Encourages roots to grow deeply. Lawn aeration encourages the roots of your grass to grow deeply and strongly. This helps establish a strong root system, resulting to a thicker turf.

    9. Aids in overseeding a lawn. The best time to overseed is right after you aerate your lawn. Aeration makes overseeing really effective by creating thousands of seed germination chambers where your seeds can fall into and grow.

    10. Makes your lawn vibrant and healthy. All of the above benefits results to making your lawn healthy and just full of life. It helps make your lawn stay healthy all year round.

    With all these amazing benefits, don’t you think it’s worth your money, time and efforts to get a good quality core aerator and aerate your lawns? I used to be a professional landscaper. I have seen great looking lawns and really bad ones. The lawns that look so amazing are the ones that have been aerated.



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