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    Which Thatch Rake is Right for You?

    Thatching RakeIf you are looking for a rake to thatch with or would like to learn more about dethatching you lawn, than you have definitely come to the right place. Thatch rakes are a very effective way to remove moss build up from your lawn. The best way to dethatch is to kill the moss first using lawn iron and then pull it out of your lawn using a rake. Moss killers will most likely not get rid of the moss but it is quite simple to do. Most of the products on this page will help you. In most cases our prices including shipping are equal to or cheaper than you could find them in local hardware store. In addition, we give you access to some of the best variety to choose from

    Dethatching rakes are used to remove harmful thatch build up or moss out of your lawn. Thatch is composed of lawn debris, moss, and dead or unwanted grasses. You can use a thatching rake to pull thatch out of the lawn without hurting the grass because they have very shallow roots. Thatching can also help remove moss from grass and mulch beds. The most common time to thatch is in the spring and fall because these are generally good times to over seed cool weather grasses, but thatching can be done year round. When you have problems with heavy moss, it is probable a good idea to apply iron first and then use a thatch rake to remove the dead moss. (Learn more about lawn aeration.)

    Using a thatching rake is very simple. Simply put the rake on the surface of the soil and pull it towards you. The sharp edge of the rake will pull out shallow rooted moss and lawn debris as you go. Thatching be hand is important. It gets edges a dips you can’t get any other way. It works best when the lawn is not to dry. You will be impressed by how much thatch you are able to take out off your lawn with a thatch rake and how much healthier your lawn will look after you finish. If you buy a good quality rake and take good care of it, it should easily last you 10 to 15 years.

    Below is a product carousel with a few featured products and an online store. Although these rakes start at fairly cheap, the best rakes to buy are between $25 to $35. I like the Ames True temper thatching rake for value and quality and it sells here for 6-8 dollars less than any other online stores.

    Interested in learning about Lawn Thatch?

    3 day shipping on most thatch rakes. We beat most other advertised internet prices by 10-15% in most cases. Order today to get the best choice! Customer reviews available on nearly every product.

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