• Mechanical Turf Aerators vrs Manual Aerators

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    turf aeratorMechanical Aerators. Mechanical turf aerators are available in different styles. Some of the advantages of turf aerators and rolling aerators over manual and liquid aerators are explained below.


    1. Variety. It is easy to find what you are looking for.  Turf aerators work great for small residential areas and also for heavily used large grassy areas such as golf courses, athletic fields, parks and playgrounds.

    2. Speed. Turf aerators are the fastest for coring aeration, particularly over a large area. When maneuvering around large obstacles such as yard windmills it is important to go slow and stay in control.

    3. Best quality job. Mechanical aeration leaves gives you the deepest holes with the most lasting benefits.


    1. Price. Purchase prices are more expensive, ranging from $100 to $5000. Rental rates are around $40 for a half-day to between $75 to $100 for a full-day.

    2. Lawn wear and tear. There is some stress to the lawns and so it is better not to mechanically core aerate at the height of a hot, dry summer.

    3. Maneuverability. Either pulled by a tractor or navigated around, mechanical aerators can miss corners and other hard-to-reach spots.

    turf aeratorsManual Aerators

    Are non mechanical and very are used by pressing them into the soild with your hand and foot.Prongs are either solid spikes that make holes or hollow tines which take a dirt cores out of the ground, creating longer-lasting and more beneficial aeration.


    1. Easy-to-use. Putting the turf aerator in and out of the ground is easy to do. There are no instruction manuals to read, fuel tanks to fill, or parts to attach.

    2. Great for hard-to-reach areas. Manual aerators can easily maneuver in corners and by obstructions.

    3. Cheaper to own and store. Starting at around $30, manual aerators are inexpensive to buy. They are easy to store and get out for touch-ups or to re-do problem areas when needed.


    1. Time-consuming. Doing a whole lawn by hand can take a long time. A machine is faster.

    2. Operator fatigue. It is more tiring to aerate with a hand-held tool than using the mechanical methods or spraying on a liquid aerator.

    3. Less beneficial aeration. Even with the coring type, the holes made will not typically be as deep or long-lasting as those made mechanical aeration.

    Soil Aerators. These are also known as surfactants or soil conditioners. After application, the liquid goes into the soil and expands, creating more space between soil pieces.


    1. Easy to apply. Liquid aerators are just sprayed on the lawn, typically with a hose attachment.

    2. Inexpensive. Packages start at just $5, making them a cheap option per application.

    3. Additional benefits. Most contain compounds that will break down toxins and other substances that damage the health of the grass.


    1. Not as good at aerating. The chemical process of adding air into the soil is not as beneficial or as long-lasting as aerating by mechanical or manual means.

    2. More frequent use. A good lawn only needs liquid aeration once a year, but others will need several applications each growing season to see benefits. This can make it more costly in the long-run than other methods.

    3. Better in addition to other methods. This type of aeration provides the best results when used with mechanical or manual coring lawn aeration.

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