• When Should I Fertilize My Lawn?

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    In answering the question of, “when should I fertilize my lawn”, the best answer is to probably do it right away. If you have not fertilize your lawn in the last two months, you should definitely do it now.

    I used to own a fertilization company and this taught me a lot about the importance of using fertilizers. Fertilizers are probably the best and fastest ways to make your lawn green and healthy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fertilizers or on a service to come out and fertilize your lawn for you. It is fast and easy to do it yourself. It is important to fertilize your lawn at least once every two months. You can do it every six weeks if you like during the time that your grass is actively growing. It is good to use fertilizers and not only contain nitrogen (very important) but also fertilizers that contain potassium and phosphorus as well. The most important time to fertilize your lawn is either in the early spring, or the and of the fall. A lot of lawn experts recommend that the fall is the best because it will help you to have a lawn that grows well during the spring. My opinion is that most fertilizers tend to be used up completely in about two months. Fertilizing the fall, is therefore not going to help your lawn look very good in the spring. Since most lawns tend to deteriorate in the winter months, a good fertilization around the middle of March to the middle of April will do wonders for your lawn.

    If you want it to look nice, and don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, DON’T you use a drop spreader. I have spent a lot of money on spreaders, and I’ve even purchased if you drop spreaders. The reason why I don’t like them is because you have to do a perfect job putting down fertilizer, and also it takes about four or five times longer to fertilize your lawn with a drop spreader than it does if you are using a rotary spreader.

    What Type of Spreader Should I Use When I Fertilize My Lawn?

    If you have a lawn that is under 5000 ft.², a hand Rotary spreader is probably going to work just fine for your lawn. This only cost about nine or $10 at the local home improvement store. If your lawn is larger than 5000 ft.², get a push, Rotary spreader. It will be a little bit faster, because you will have to stop to keep refilling it. The only time I would recommend a drop spreader is if you have a very small lawn, or you have a long narrow strips that you have to cover.

    How to Fertilize Your Lawn

    Now that you know the answers to “When should I fertilize my lawn?”, I would like to teach you a little bit more about how to fertilize it. One bag of fertilizer typically covers around 4000- 5000 ft.² of lawn. All that you need to do if you have a Rotary hand spreader, is fill it up three or four times, and set the settings on your hand spreader to a three. Walk along your lawn on the edges first, and then gravitate towards the middle. Try and keep your lines as straight as possible. If you end up getting any fertilizer outside of your lawn boundaries, you can take a blower or a broom and sweep them back onto the grass. You can reduce your chances of burning a lawn by applying too much fertilizer, if you take the time to water the fertilizer in right after you put it down. If you are worried about burning your lawn, simply cut the application of your fertilizer in half, and put it down twice as often. You’ll be surprised at how nice your lawn can look if you take the time to fertilize it at least three or four times per year. Scott has a long program that includes two spring applications, one summer application, one fall application, and a winterizer. This tends to work pretty well. Remember, that the most important time to fertilize your lawn is during the time that it is actively growing or after you have taken the time to aerate your lawn.

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