• When to Plant Grass Seed?

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    When to Plant Grass SeedIf you want to have success planting your new lawn, it is important to know when to plant grass seed. Two of the best times to plant grass seed and have it come in easily, is during the spring and during the fall. Depending on where you live, you may also have success planting your lawn during the summer. Usually, if you are starting a lawn with sod, you can put it down anytime between 1 April and 1 October.

    When to Plant Grass Seed – Advantages and Disadvantages of Spring  Planting 

    There are several advantages to planting lawn seed in the spring. First, in the spring, you get a lot of rain and cooler temperatures. When you are planting a new lawn, it is important that the grass seed stays wet.

    In the spring and in the fall, it is a lot cooler, and so it is easier for the grass seed to stay moist until they can germinate and grow. You might also get a better germination rate with your seeds if you cover the new seed with peat moss, or to rake in new soil.

    Use starter fertilizer – This will help the seed come in faster and be less dependent on water. In my opinion, the best time to plant grass seed, the best month of the year for planting new seed is April.

    There are a few disadvantages of planting in the spring. The major disadvantage is that it is possible to get a lot of weeds during the spring if you’re trying to plant and put in a new lawn. Another disadvantage of planting in the spring, is that if you have heavy rains, it could wash away the new grass. This is a reason a lot of people wait until the fall. During the fall, the temperatures are just as cool as they are during the spring, and so the grass will germinate and grow just fine.

    What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages to Planting a New Lawn in the Fall

    When to Plant a New lawnThe second best time for people to plant grass seed is in the fall. The reason why I like planting in the fall is because during fall you don’t have nearly as many weeds as you do during the spring. During the fall you also have very moderate temperatures that are ideal for growing grass. Cool weather grasses like temperatures that are between 50° and 75°. Warm weather grasses like temperatures that are between 60° and 85°.)

    The biggest disadvantage of waiting until the fall to plot your new lawn or repair your existing one is that you aren’t really going to enjoy it very much during the winter. Unless you live in Florida or Southern California, it is going to be to cold for you to go outside every day during the winter. Also, you live in an area where the sunlight hours differ greatly between the summer and the winter, you may find that the grass won’t grow very well if you wait until the fall to plant it. This is because the grass takes about six weeks to come in. If you’re grass doesn’t come in until November, it won’t get very much sunlight until next year. Sometimes if you are going to do fall planting, it is a good idea to use a variety of shade seed and son seed mix together so that you can get a full and thick lawn.

    Hopefully this article was helpful in helping you know when to plant grass seed. Please see our related articles on how to seed a lawn  or how much does it cost to seed a lawn.

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