• When Is the Best Time to Aerate The Lawn?

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    As a lawn repair specialist, I have personally aerated more than 8,000 lawns. The best time to aerate lawns is not in the fall like a lot of other blogs suggests, but in the spring. There are at least four different reasons why you want to aerate your lawn in the spring.

    Prepare Your Lawn for Summer– By aerating lawns and spring, you prepare for the summer in many ways. Even though a lot of grasses go dormant or grow much slower over the winter, as soon as the early spring comes along, you can aerate your lawn and fertilize it, and see it, come in very quickly. This way you could have a very nice-looking lawn during the summer and during the spring, when you are most likely to be able to enjoy it.

    The second reason why the best time to aerate your lawn of the spring, is because this is the time of year that your grass actually grows the fastest. For cool season grasses, the spring is the time for the fastest growing season. For warm weather grasses, late spring, and early summer, are the fastest-growing times for your grass. Either way, aerating it in the spring helps it to grow faster, and it helps if you have deeper roots.

    When you aerate in the spring with a lawn aerator, you prepare the lawn for the summer. If your lawn has a lot of clay, it will expand once the average daily temperatures get to be above 75┬░. You want to aerate before then so your lawn doesn’t expand and compact your root system.

    The fourth reason why the best time to aerate lawn is in the Spring is because it reduces their dependency on water. Now for this reason, fall aerating is kind of pointless because most lawns get a lot more water over the winter than in early spring. By aerating your lawn during the spring, you allow water to penetrate deeper during the months where it is most needed. Thus, you can see there are many benefits to aerating your lawn in the spring.

    Probably, the only downside that some people mention is that you get more weed than your lawn when you aerate in the spring. If your lawn is moderately healthy, you shouldn’t be getting ┬ámany weeds in the spring at all. Aerating your lawn in the spring isn’t going to make much difference on the amount of weed that developing your lawn anyway.

    Find out more about when to aerate a lawn.

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