• WHY is SPRING the BEST Time to Aerate and Thatch your Lawn

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    Let’s face it, lawns in the northern hemisphere have a hard time during the winter.  During winter months lawns get less daylight and experience freezing temperatures.  If the ground gets cold enougt to freeze it may aslo compact your grass roots.  Lawns that go dormant during the winter storing energy below the surface to help them survive a long a harsh winter.  Your lawn deverse some help, here how to do it.
    In the early spring you need to aerate and thatch your lawn.  Aerating helps to rejuvenate your grass.  It allows air and moisture deeper penetration into the soil.  It also softens the soil giving the roots more room so they can grow quickly. Most people used a mechanical lawn aerator because trying to aerate with a hand aerator is a lot of work.

    When you aerate and fertilize your lawn you will be off to a great start! Spring is a time for new growth. When you aerate your lawn in the spring you may also want to fertilize and seed your lawn.  Fertilizer gives your lawn a boost to get it greener faster.  Over seeding help you to fill in spots that may have been damaged over the winter.

    Spring time is also a great time to thatch.  Thatching a fall helps to get rid of old dying grasses and helps your lawn to breathe a lot easier.  You can thatch by hand if you have a small lawn or if the thatch isn’t very think.  Thatching can be lots of work so most people do it with a power rake.
    Using a power rake to thatch your lawn also makes it a lot easier to over seed your lawn with new grass seed.  If you have lots of thatch in your lawn try to avoid over seeding with  bent grass or creeping fescue.  This will make it much easier you you to prevent that problems the next year.  If you thatch problems are cause by moss, apply moss killer after you are done thatching to get rid of the moss residue.

    It is normal to have your lawn look slightly worse after you are done power raking. Over seeding after thatching is also a good idea because it help fill in some of the holes and it helps give you a dense crop of grass that is much more resistant to weeds and moss.  Using good quality seed also makes a huge difference on how good your lawn looks.




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